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You can find here some songs created by me with a computer. I compose just for relax and fun during my free time. It's time to share my music to enjoy other people, who maybe likes this types of melodies. So sit back, put on your headphones or adjust your speakers and taste the Phaeriss work ;-) And... if you are here by the mistake or under the pressure - thanks for visiting anyway ;-)

What's new?

For the trance lovers there is another one song, Touch the sky.
Three new tracks are here. First there is something like psychadelic or electronic track Inside the daemon's mind.

Who more likes slower relaxation music, there is a track called Night sky. Mainly the piano at the and could catch your attention :)

And for the trance lovers, or eurodance / dream house (?), just a little faster song Castles in the sky.
New relax song just arrived ;-)
The winter train
Fog over the river
New little bit faster songs added on February :-)
Racing around Venus
We're flying higher and higher.
I Finally added my new song also into english version of phaeriss web pages ;-) So you can enjoy following tracks:
Lost life
Emotional tour
Travelling light
After a long time, when I was searching for a video software better then old Windows Movie Maker, I am back with another relax song called Burning soul. This time the main role belongs to a quitar, some other instrumental friends will be the next :-).
The new song's here, ABC. We are returning back to a relax music, this time even with a saxophone. The main melody was created during my childhood. Thanks to my very old laptop the song has been saved to a disc and could be remaked to higher level (the previous level was PC SPEKAER :-D).
This week is special for hard music, i could almost say: music near psychadelic trance style: Life subtractor. This time even with hard atmosphere - car accidents. You should drive slower and carefully after watching this video...
Domain is working allready ;-) I also retyped whole web source code - it's a small step for human, but big step for me, because originally source code generated with one software was hughe and not so friendly to future editing. But the basic layout was made nicely ;-)
The foundation stone of the new phaeriss web site have been made ;-)
Here webe have another new relax track called Rising to the heaven. We'll meet here the wonderful piano (wonderful considering all my previous pianos :-D). This song tells the story about a tree. It was small and tiny but grew slowly among others, learned to survive in the wild here until it finally grew and exceeded all others...
The track Silent shores was reedited due to low volume level.
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